In March 2006, Lelung Rinpoche travelled to India where he discussed the Geden Phacho Bhucho project with a number of important lamas and officials. At this meeting a date was set for a conference on this project. Therefore, Rinpoche has asked some of his venerable friends to work with him in planning this conference.

On 13th June, Lelung Rinpoche will fly to India to complete additional organisational work for the conference. The conference itself will be held on 29th June 2006 in the Norbu Lingkha main temple for the entire day. Approximately fifty great lamas have been invited including Gaden Tri Rinpoche (Head of the Gelug School) and Samdhong Rinpoche. Many other guests have also been invited.

The conference will address the next steps for the project and make our way forward clearer. News and plans will be posted on the Lelung Dharma Trust website as soon as possible after the event, along with introductions and thanks to some of the project supporters.

Geden is another name for the the Gelugpa School of Tibetan Buddhism founded in the 14th century by the highly revered master Je Tsongkhapa. Phacho Bhucho literally means 'Father Son' and refers to the teachings that comprise Tsongkhapa's lineage. During the last forty years, as Tibetans emigrated to different countries around the world, many of these precious teachings have been lost. The aim of the Geden Phacho Bhucho project is to catalogue and preserve the existing lineages of this tradition to ensure they remain accessible to future generations.