In December 2012 I was able to be in Mundgod for His Holiness the Dalai Lama's teachings on Lam Rim, Stages on the Path to Enlightenment by Je Tsongkapa and after these teachings, the highly respected teacher, Denma Lochoe Rinpoche, gave two days teaching to a large group of  lamas, tulkus and geshes only, over three hundred in all. There were some other teachings which were scheduled to be given by Rinpoche but he decided to give these at another time. This was an unexpected change in the schedule, but we hope that Rinpoche will see the right time to give these teachings soon.

His Holiness expressed the thought that Denma Lochoe Rinpoche could give teachings on greater texts. Therefore, the Loseling Monastery, the Loseling Tulku Association and the Geden Phacho Bhucho Preservation Centre all requested these teachings. He has now agreed to start to teach on the Middle Path later this year, date to be confirmed.

Two years ago Ganden Tri Rinpoche gave teachings on Jigje Togsum, togdun lung (from Rapod) and Wangche (major empowerments) at Tashi Lunpo monastery. This was a very deep and detailed explanation and a very inspiring teaching. Therefore, our office requested Rinpoche to give similar detailed teachings on Heruka deity, one of the three major deities of the Gelugpa tradition and Rinpoche has agreed to give these teachings some time later this year. Again, date to be confirmed.

As mentioned in the last newsletter, Gen Yonten La had been in Tibet and we were awaiting his return. He has now returned to India safely after finding the missing oral transmissions and I was able to meet with him and discuss the teachings. He has received the kun mkhyen Jamyang Shepa (‘jam dhyangsbzhad pa 1648-1721, principal textbook writer for the Gomang College of Drepung Monastery) and we have discussed with the monastery several times possible dates to pass on these oral transmissions. Now this will take place at Drepung Gomang Callege in South India. Starting date will be 27th July 2013 and it might be change to 29th July if His holiness The  Dalai Lamas’ South India schedule changes. It will go on for 25 days if all being well.

Also, Gen Yonten La was able to find a lineage and list of the teachings of Damcha Bebum. So far, we have found four different sets of these but none are complete. Therefore, we are trying to collate them as quickly as possible as Gen Yonten La is also prepared to give these oral transmissions as soon as they are ready.

During the Lam Rim teachings in December, His Holiness urged publicly that more research should be done on the Lam Rim lineage and so we, the GPBPC, took up this case and the result was a twenty-one page composition on the subject. I presented this to His Holiness when I was so fortunate as to have an audience with him in March this year. He was very happy to receive this information which I also passed to Professor Samdhong Rinpoche who was delighted about this research. We have now circulated this information to the relevant practitioners.