March 2009 Teachings

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In the last my e-mail I mentioned the forthcoming March teachings at Gyuto Tantric Monastic University, Dharamsala, which are named below and have now been successfully completed.

1/ Jewel Mound Explanations of The Example Teachings (dpe chos rin chen spungs pa) by Kadampa Geshe Poto Wa. 
2/ Jewel Mound Traditional Tale Teachings (gtam rgyud rin chen spungs pa)
3/ Jewel Mound Oral Instruction Teachings (man ngag rin chen spungs pa)
4/ Garland of Jewels Instruction of The Three Levels of Ordination (sdum gsum bslab bya norbu’i  'phreng ba)
5/ Transmission and Exposition of Collections of Activities of White Manjushri - including process of realization (jam dbyangs dkar po’i sgrub thabs las tshogs - bshad lung) by Jamyang Shepa
6/ Empowerment of Combined Sadhana of  Lords of the Three Families (rigs gsum spyi sgrub rjes gnang)

These were the remainder of the teachings which were started in March 2008 and were left incomplete, due to events at that time.
Over five hundred monks attended the teachings, including Sharpa Choeje Rinpoche, several other abbots and former abbots, and Lama Zopa Rinpoche.  Some young tulkus also attended.
Furthermore, Sharpa Choeje Rinpoche, gave oral transmission of 
Little pithy volume of many oral instructions on the king of mountain deities who guards the northern quarters or the god of wealth, rnam sras be'u bum.(two volumes) and Great abbot Tenpa Chophels' collected work- mkhan chen bstan pa chos 'phel 1840-1907.(two volumes)

which lasted two weeks. After each of these teachings the ceremony for longevity was performed for each lama individually. Officials and members of many monasteries in Dharamsala were present.
Gyuto Tantric Monastic University generously looked after the lamas and monks who had come from other areas, providing their accommodation, meals and the transport for the two Lamas. I am very grateful for their support.
Unfortunately I was unable to attend personally, due to the restrictions of my visa at this time, however I was able to organize matters via telephone, fax and email, and the office staff in Dharamsala coped very well in my absence.
I was very relieved that the Camellia Foundation offered their financial support, £6,400, for these teachings and I thank
the Camellia Foundation and Mr. Gordon Fox, Mr Peter Leggatt, M.B.E. very much for their generosity, I also like to thanks Geshi Thupten Jinpa la for his great help.
Although I am happy with the progress of the project so far, time is so important, as the lamas are aging all the time, and I know that with more financial help we could proceed so much more quickly and widely to secure these precious teachings.