Board of Advisors

"The Geden Phacho Bhucho Project" for the Preservation of the Sacred Lineages of Empowerments and Oral Transmissions of the Geden Tradition was conceived by H.E. Lelung Rinpoche and has been widely applauded and endorsed by many great Masters and Tulkus (incarnate holy beings) of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Without the blessings and guidance of these spiritual masters, it would be impossible to embark on this journey. It is sheer good fortune for the whole of humanity that this project has the blessings of these most highly revered spiritual masters of our time:

Chief Advisors:

Ganden Tri Rinpoche








Shartse Choje Rinpoche





Honorary Advisors:

- Denma Locho Rinpoche,


- Dhakpa Tritul Rinpoche, Sera Monastery, S India

- Dagyab Kyagon Rinpoche, Bonn

- Rato Khyongla Rinpoche, New York

- Choden Rinpoche, Sera Je, South India

- Dagpo Rinpoche, Paris

- Zopa Rinpoche, Nepal

- Doboom Tulku, Delhi

- Panchen Oetul Rinpoche

- Khalkha Jetsun Dampa Rinpoche

Field Researcher:

- Abbot, Segyud Dratsang Tantric Monastery

- Gen Choeze Wangyal, formerly LTWA


Field Research Consultants/Sponsor Liaison:

- Tobden Rinpoche (abbot of Gyuto Monastery)

- Jhado Rinpoche (former Namgyal Monastery)


Field Researchers' helper (unconfirmed):

- Gen Gedun Tsering
Gen Chime Dorje from Gyume





Reference Catalogue Consultants:

-Thubten Jinpa

-Beri Jigme

- Sangye Tendar

- Lobsang Choephel