Feburary / March 2008

The Geden Phacho Bhucho preservation Centre (GPBPC) would like to tell you about forthcoming teachings in 2008.

Teaching in Dharamsala (H.P.), India from February 21 to March 1
His Holiness will give his annual spring teachings on Lord Buddha's 34 Jataka Tales (khay-rab so-shi) and Dhammapada (tsom).
Also His Holiness will give some additional teachings for two or three days. If you like to know more about it then you can visit www.dalailama.com  .

When all of the His Holiness' annual spring teachings and some additional teachings are finished, with a two days gap ( 5-6 March 08) Kyabje Locho Rinpoche will give the following teaching over ten days as GPBPC have requested.

Kyabje Dema Locho Rinpoche

Very kindly  the private office of the His Holiness has accepted our use of the Dharamsala Main Temple for us to hold these teachings.

1/ Jewel Mound Explanations of The Example Teachings (dpe chos rin chen spungs pa) by Kadampa Geshe Poto Wa.
2/ Jewel Mound Traditional Tale Teachings (gtam rgyud rin chen spungs pa)
3/ Jewel Mound Oral Instruction Teachings (man ngag rin chen spungs pa)
4/ Garland of Jewels Instruction of The Three Levels of Ordination (sdum gsum bslab bya norbu’i  'phreng ba)
5/ Transmission and Exposition of Collections of Activities of White Manjushri - including process of realization (jam dbyangs dkar po’i sgrub thabs las tshogs - bshad lung) by Jamyang Shepa
6/ Empowerment of Combined Sadhana of  Lords of the Three Families (rigs gsum spyi sgrub rjes gnang)
7/ Life-Entrustment  of Five Great Kings (sku lnga rgyal po’i  srog gtad) - 'phrin las rgyal po, chos skyong (thun gyi rgyal po), dgra lha (sku'i rgyal po), klu dbang (gsung gi rgyal po, tha 'og chos rgyal po (yon tan rgyal po)

So if you are interested in coming then please come, also if there is anything more you would like to know,  just give us ring or e-mail us.

Dharamsala office Telephone:-00 91 1892 2200601

E-mail:- info@gedenphachobhucho.org