Kyabje Jangtse Choje Rizong Rinpoche

On December 14th 2008 Kyabje Jangtse Choje Rizong Rinpoche will give around twenty days oral transmissions on Ngulchu Yabse Sum Khedrup Nagwang Dorje (1720-1803), Ngulchu Dharmabhadra (1772-1851), and his disciple Ngulchu Yangchen Drubpai Dorje (1809-1887).

By Khedrup Nagwang Dorje 1 Volume, Ngulchu Dharmabhadra 8 Volumes and Ngulchu Yangchen Drubpai Dorje 3 Volumes. These precious  Volumes includes many of the deities practices. If someone is practicing any of the three mean Gelug pa Deity's and so on, then this is  good opportunity  to receive those texts' oral transmissions (lung).

Teaching  will take palce at Tashi Lhunpo Monastery in South India below address. These  teachings are organiced at Tashi Lhunpo Monastery  because the authors  of these teachings are from Tashi Lhunpo therefore, this Teaching may  brings great auspicious to the monastery and in Dharma.

Kyabje Jangtse Choje Rizong Rinpoche 

Holder of one of the
three highest spiritual positions
in the Gelug Tradition of
Tibetan Buddhism 

A Rare Opportunity to Learn Directly
from an Extraordinary Master










Born in Ladakh in the early 1930s, Kyabje Rizong Rinpoche was recognized and enthroned as a child as the reincarnation of the founder of the illustrious Rizong Hermitage. 

In the mid-1940s Rinpoche joined Drepung Loseling Monastery in Lhasa for his higher training, remaining until the Chinese takeover of Tibet in 1959. He then joined His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan exile community in India. He was appointed by His Holiness as Abbot both of Gyumed Tantric Monastery and of Drepung Loseling, two of the greatest seats of Tibetan spiritual knowledge. At present Rinpoche carries the title Jangtse Choje, or “Dharma Master of the Northern Peak,” one of the three highest spiritual positions in the Gelug Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

Rinpoche has made the practice of meditation his principal focus in life, and has conducted numerous extensive retreats, including a three-year tantric retreat on the Yamantaka mandala in a remote hermitage in Ladakh. Through his achievements in practice and scholarship, he represents the pinnacle of the Sutra and Tantra traditions.

Rinpoche is renowned for his Tantric powers, and is frequently called upon by H.H. the Dalai Lama to lead ceremonies for healing and other similar purposes. 



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If you are a foreign person (not Tibetan or Indian passport holder) then you may need to get a special permit, therefore you need to contact the office of H.H. Dalai Lama in New Delhi. This will take some time so please be advised to plan well ahead in advance of the teachings.   

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Important Note: if due to any circumstances the Teaching schedule has to change we are not responsible for any financial or monetary loss you may incur.